Do you have a voice for Jengo?

The Robot Wizard team have been hard at work over the last few months. The team have received a lot of support locally and internationally, it’s really helping to fuel our passion to push harder to get our game completed.

Jengo is shaping up rather well, and we are incredibly proud to announce that ACER have sponsored us with two ACER Predator 17 laptops. These devices will really help us develop on-the-go and with the raw power they offer, it helps us test a lot of our tech in real-time.

As for Jengo itself, the team have been flooded with requests from locals who want to get involved in the game’s voice-over process.

Unfortunately we had to decline those offers as we had not arrived at that point in development yet.
But… we are incredibly excited to announce that from today we are now ready to start planning our voice talent for Episode One! We have included a sheet with our current character cast for the first episode, so if anyone is interested in getting involved they can watch our latest developer diary below.

Since Jengo is going out to an international audience all talent needs to keep the following in mind:
  • Robot Wizard are looking for international dialects, so if you are British, American and Scottish (to mention a few) or really great at putting on an accent, then please make sure to include that in your audition reel.
  • If you manage to land a main character role you will need to make yourself available for all of the episodes of Jengo. This will be disclosed to you in your sign-up contract.
  • Being able to appear on camera is a plus but not crucial to you landing your role. We look forward to bringing on passionate talent with the hopes of them being exposed internationally.
With this we wanted to try answer some of questions we have received thus far.

  • Q: Can I have a bio sheet or some lines to read out?
    A: Yes we are working on this and should have it completed soon, expect an email from us if you have already applied, hopefully this will help you out with your audition.
  • Q: How must I send my audition?
  • A: We had built in a function for entrants to submit their audition via our web form, unfortunately it crashed the mail server. If you could please submit it to us via our contact form with a link to to your showreel. Using one of the recommended methods below:

    One Drive
    We Transfer
    Drop Box
    Sound Cloud

    If the format could be in MP3 to keep the file size down, we don’t want to get capped downloading massive files, we have cat videos that need viewing on YouTube.
If you think you have what it takes please make contact with us through the webform and send us a link to your show reel.

These are some of the characters in episode one for reference